‘moments from a continuous time’  

The title of the work ‘moments from a continuous time’ is based on the fact that the materials in my work are always changing. These pictures captured a moment of their existence; the material itself and what happened with it, is part of a process that is still in motion. The process of the materials and also the process of the way I connect them together. I find it amazing that I work with such different types of materials and that they yet show so many similarities that I can. It seems to be a never-ending possibility and journey. Because the materials are in a process of ting, I sort of give them a chance to change overtime and still work with that and let that be something to be observed and acknowledged. 

Within these several materials I photographed, there are a lot of details shown. Every detail of something that happened has its unique story of how it got there and what happened. Within this moment of photographing there was an interaction between me, the camera and the work, which I normally experience in a different way. The camera gives the opportunity to look trough the lens and be really present on the material in such a close way and with a lot of focus. This medium and technique give other possibilities that I explored. This work is an extension of the site-specific installation I made for the exhibition. It is a tease of what you can expect there, yet gives you something extra.