Hello, thank you for visiting my online portfolio. My name is Karin Groenewoud (1994), I'm currently based in Groningen where I follow the study Fine Art at Academy Minerva. 
The work I make is inspired by nature and the patterns and structures that it brings. I would describe my work as a focus on what nature has and can do. Nature itself is always present and I admire working with it. The process and traces are always visible in a way. I begin my process by looking at the qualities and structures of material and technique. My call as an artist is to discover and display these qualities, which actually already exist, and also to set a process in motion, which reacts with these qualities. The essence of my work exists before I influence it. I work openly with the materials and do not let myself be hindered by materials or techniques. Due to this dynamic between me, the materials and life, I learn more every time and because of this my work is able to make new connections.
2021 - graduation project
at the Sugar Factory, Groningen
2020 - 60ish third year expo (group)
at Academie Minerva, Groningen
2020 - Tell me what is south of normal (group)
Online from Academie Minerva, Groningen
Commissioned work​​​​​​​
2021 - Paradigm - Woodcut
2019/20 - Paradigm New Years Eve - Stage design/decor
2019 - Paradigm festival - Stage design/decor
2018 – 2021: Fine Art
Hanzehogeschool Academie Minerva, Groningen

2015 – 2018: Product Design
Foundation year achieved in 2016
Hanzehogeschool Academie Minerva, Groningen

2011 – 2015: Spatial Design
Mediacollege MBO vakschool, Amsterdam

photo by Gert Willem Haasnoot for the 'Nightcrawlers' series